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Know Your Garbage Day or Sanitation Collection Schedule

One of the most important things to know if you are new to Jersey City is the “Sanitation Collection Schedule” or the garbage day… you know, trash collection.

If you are an old-timer in your area, you probably already know when to take your trash out. But if – for some reason – you decided to move, it’s probably best to know ahead when the dump truck is coming to your area to avoid the development of filth mountain in your apartment or house.

Garbage Day Jersey City Sanitation Collection Schedule
Go to JCIAONLINE Website to check your garbage day schedule

By using the system above, I was able to find out the garbage day of my friends who live on Griffith Street, in the Heights area of JC: Trash days on Tuesday and Friday; Recycables on Wednesday.

Therefore, they must put their waste out no earlier than 7PM the night before the actual collection day, because the dump trucks come early in the morning. Make sure the trash is in the curbside or it won’t be collected at all. That simple.

Do you know your garbage day schedule? If you live in a condo, what are the rules in taking out the trashes?

Most importantly, do you know the zone where you live in? 😛 Just checking.

More info here and here.


8 comments to Know Your Garbage Day or Sanitation Collection Schedule

  • samira

    This was helpful but now my question is how do you throw out furniture in jersey city. In New York you can just leave it out to get picked up like the regular garbage.

  • Shirley Agbay

    I clean up my garden and I have 3 garbage bag to throw but the garbage collector here in our street woodlawn ave never collected those stuff. I want to know where I’m suppose to throw them.

  • dr

    garbage man throw away garbage bucket on williams ave and clarke ave what can i do about this

  • carlton

    how do i go about getting a job with working for the garbage company

  • Hank

    is there garbage pick up on tuesday 1/1/13 ?

  • Del

    @Juliana, and @Hank: there was a garbage pickup last Christmas, so I assume there will be one on Jan. 1st. Normallly, the city cancels street cleaning during the holidays, but not the trash pickups.
    Hope this helps.

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